Are You Struggling To Monetise Your Blog Or Website?

Are You Struggling To Monetise Your Blog Or Website?

If you are struggling to monetise your blog or website there are some things that you will need to know first.
Millions of website owners do not know how to put together a system that provides value for their online readers and use systems that can make them money online 24/7
Simple things like a call to action or buy button or just buying the right bit of software to make things work properly can be the difference between having a brochure website that makes no money or having a website that delivers value for your readers and creates an income for you. Even while you are sleeping or enjoying a great holiday in the sun.
One of the things I teach my clients after over 15 years of creating online blogs and websites is what they need to get more subscribers to make money and automate the processes.
They might have found it difficult to monetise for a long time but automated systems designed around specific things like forms, content, delivery, and trying to provide value all the time are what allow you to have a successful online business. If you want to make money online you must be more effective and systematise and integrate all your systems.
Many online businesses beat out established players on the basis of technology and because of a lack of knowledge online about what systems work best together. I provide my clients the systems and processes that people need to use in their business so that they can get the most for their time and effort.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together the basic elements of a business.
Your online business relies on the following running costs.

Webhosting – Your Land On The Internet.

Autoresponder – Your prospects and client database of emails and information.

Online Booking And Scheduling systems – To automate your bookings and get you, new clients.

Payment system – So that you can get paid and generate revenue from both one-off payments recurring payments create buyers lists and deliver your products and services on complete autopilot.

Funnel Builders – To help you create an email list and sell more products and services than with a traditional blog or website.

Now it may sound obvious but I am going to go into some more detail to highlight what some of the more advanced systems can do.
Dedicated systems will diversify your abilities online which will generate you more revenue.
Your email list can sell to your consumer base 24/7  so that you can charge for products that are on your website 24/7. 
You should have a landing page for each product you are selling that you created in a funnel builder.
Another thing you should have is a FAQ page this can and will save you hours explaining things to your customers over and over again.
Especially for questions that are frequently asked by customers over and over again.
An example of a landing page is this page that I created for one of my clients which has made over €65,000 worth of sales in just seven months.
You should have an FAQ page with questions that people often ask when they come to visit your website.

This will save many hours of your time and energy answering the same questions over and over again.

You should also have a blog where you can post useful informative and relevant content for your readers.  

I would also recommend creating a testimonials page where you can have testimonials from previous clients explaining what they thought about your products or services.

These are the things you should know if you want to run a profitable blog and make money online.
Of course, your blog should also be self-hosted with a paid hosting company, You also need to ensure that the site you are running is secure, which mine has been for a long time,  I have had 350 sites hacked in one night if you have a cheap nasty hosting it will happen to you at some stage, there are no short cuts. 
The hosting I use includes an SSL certificate for each of your blogs or websites included in the price of the hosting.
This means people can see that you are who you say you are and trust your website or blog.
People respond best when they have a call to action to do in response to the initial “click” they get from reading your content.
The other thing we find is if your content is good enough people will keep coming back to you over a long period of time to read your stuff.
That’s how we make money online. We want our content to be awesome so it becomes so engaging that people keep coming back again and again.
It could be a question about a specific product people are looking for online,it could be a product review or it could be a revelation about a little known fact about the world, or it could be a great news story — in short, if your content makes people want to know more and do more, then you are doing something right.
Well, you have to think like a writer and a marketer more than just a blogger. Lots of writers end up broke because they do not understand the marketing side of the equation, this is where your tools, software automation, systems, and good sales copy comes into it.
Writers who make their living frankly writing. For peanuts. Writing as a hobby or a vocation. Need to learn more about marketing and integrate them into their writing if they are going to massively increase their income.
Let’s face it Writing can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it.
I used to hate writing but have now created tens of thousands of large blog posts, something I would never have dreamed of many years ago.

Believe it or not, there are actually shortcuts to writing, ways to simplify it, and make it a lot less draining on your mind. I teach my clients these techniques so that they can come up with ideas for content a lot easier. 

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So You Will No Longer Need To Worry About Struggling To Monetise Your Blog Or Website?

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