10 Top Digital Marketing Tips By Top Marketers

10 Top Digital Marketing Tips By Top Marketers

Vick Strizheus – Build A Community Of 1000 People, 1000 People will make you 100,000 per year income

Vick Strizheus – Use a rotator to split test your products, pages, sales pages, capture pages ETC.

Chris Howard – Send emails that go directly to a capture or sales page.

Chris Howard – Get invited to podcasts to do interviews to drive lots of targeted traffic to your websites products or services you can find these by registering at podmatch.com

Armand Morin – Find people who want to interview you by going to RTIR.Com

Armand Morin – Create 30 different targeted capture page funnels for each sales page and advertise each one to the targeted audience

Mike Hobbs –  Would You Hire You As An Employee To Run Your Digital Marketing Business?  Or would you be fired?

Mike Hobbs –  If you want true passive income without working full time, then upload YouTube videos that are going to products, services, or a mailing list that gives free content and then sells your stuff.

Once you have 80 hours of views per week it’s like you working full time without needing to even be there.  Once you get to 1000 hours of views per week it’s like you working 6 full-time jobs without even opening your computer.

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Kerwin Rae – One podcast we made using a full hour-long podcast got 80,000 views, when split up into small 30 seconds to 3-minute video clips the same video generated over 20 million views on social media.

James Shramko – Who’s the guru?  When it comes to emails are you spending your time reading other marketers’ emails and doing what they want you to do? Or are you spending time writing emails that other people read and take action on?  If you are the 1st one it may tell you why you aren’t making enough money, it’s probably time to clean up your email inbox by unsubscribing from emails and using filters.


10 Top Digital Marketing Tips By Top Marketers

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