Why trying to Blog on the cheap could leave you broke ( The three types of blogger)

I was just sifting through some blogging groups on Facebook today and as I was reading some posts, I noticed lots of newbies blogging on free WordPress sites or giving advice on how to set up blogs for free.  Or talking about free themes to use on their WordPress blog.

If this is your attitude to blogging you will only end up broke.  I remember about 14 years ago I went to a seminar in Brighton and there were about 4000 people at the event. At one stage one speaker got up on the stage and asked someone to give him £20. A member of the audience got up and handed him the £20.

At this stage, the speaker who had his hand out started pulling lots of notes out of his jacket pocket and handing them to the man. I think he probably got about £300.  The speaker then announced when your hand is closed tightly to not give anything, you are also stopping people from putting money back into your hand.

Let’s face it when starting a free blog with a free hosting provider on someone else’s server. Like people do on wordpress.com or blogger.com that means the person who actually owns the server gains the list of advertisers and the money. 🙂  Spending hours scouring the internet for free blog themes and plugins to save pennies will only have one result!!

Yes, you will also attract penny pinchers looking for hours of your time for free and lots of free stuff.  How does this benefit anyone? It doesn’t really. You might end up with a cheap-looking hobby-type blog or website with no autoresponder, and have a way to make a small income online, but that won’t benefit you much.

The truth is that mentality will get you nowhere except in the pound shop, buying cheap plastic trinkets direct from China paid by penny pinchers through a slave labour industry.  Money is meant to go around, and when you keep your hand in your pockets shielding your pennies, your community shops go bankrupt, your jobs become non-existent and your area falls into disrepair.

Why trying to Blog on the cheap could leave you broke ( The three types of blogger)

This will not benefit you, your family, or your community. If you think the cost of blogging on the cheap saves you money then think again my friend.   Let’s look at a couple of scenarios

The Penny Pinchers blog

Free made on blogger or wordpress.com

It generally looks like and ranks like crap,  just like the free theme it’s on if it even has any themes or plugins.

This guy’s or gal’s blog is hosted on wordpress.com or blogger owned by Google, and any time they have a problem with your content it’s history. Yes, your blog is built in someone else’s back garden.  (Wise move)

Do you build your home in your neighbour’s garden like this guy or girl? (smart guy/gal hmmm)

No autoresponder or use gmail to contact your non-existent mailing list. (To save $19 a month for an autoresponder).

Send an email to more than 20 people at a time and all your emails go straight to gmail spam inbox.

List lots of free products on their blog or website to attract other like-minded cheapskates. (No chance of much commission from these guys). If they see an affiliate link they will probably run a mile in case they think you might make a penny in the rare event of them actually buying something.  (Probably by accident)

So they will go directly to the company website and do the free offer bypassing your affiliate tracking link. Even if it costs the same price.

When a serious business or company sees your website, they don’t want to do business with you because it is apparent you are a freebie blogger. And your free cheap blog site looks like crap.

Their motto is I want it all and I want it for FREE.

The Attempted Blogger

This is the next step up from the freebie blogger. He/she might be willing to pay someone $100 to setup his blog or website and $10 a month for hosting (A little bit of a stretch)  He/she buys an autoresponder but after two weeks cancels it so he/she can save himself an extra $20 a month.

His blog looks a bit better and at least he is on a paid hosting service so has less chance of losing access to his/her blog or website and/or content and can have it backed up anyway.

Generally, the attempted blogger is a wannabee employee who wants to invest $100 and 10% effort into his business in exchange for an internet lottery business win.

The attempted blogger can generally spend 4 or 5 years learning what works and what doesn’t, as they don’t wanna pay a coach and like learning from free stuff on the internet.  Unfortunately not many of these people with a 10% effort make it past 2 years as they didn’t really sign up for anything properly to begin with.

In many cases the attempted blogger will give a full list of excuses or reasons why they cannot buy things for their business and in many cases, if they are truthful, they would probably like someone else to do the work for them.

Yes, they want a business that runs itself without the hassle of starting it in the first place. Their long term dream is make money while they sleep without doing anything in the first place.

Their Motto Is : I will try and if it doesn’t work fast, sounds like a great excuse to quit.

Or I did It my way

The Serious Blogger

This person, believe it or not, is serious. They see their blog as a long term income or better lifestyle for themselves and their family.  These people will spend whatever they need to get their business running successfully. They will do research; pay a mentor or coach who has already had success online. To show them exactly what to do.

They buy everything they need and sometimes stuff that they don’t need in order to test it and see how or if it improves their online business. They will pay their monthly $500 hosting and $100 autoresponder before they pay their mortgage payment because they realise that their business will and has to be an asset. And their house is a liability. (Yes, they realise they need assets to pay for their liabilities so they focus on building assets first.)

In many cases they have quit their jobs or traditional businesses and burned their bridges refusing to move any way but forward in their internet business.  In many cases their husband’s wives, spouses and friends think they are crazy nuts but they don’t care, because they know what they want.

They are not willing to stop until they get it. These people are rare but are pretty much nearly guaranteed 100% success, unless they die first. Dying is the only thing that can stop them from reaching their goals.

They buy products and trainings for hundreds and often for many thousands of dollars, and can often sell similar products thus being able to make commissions of $5000 or more in one single day.

Their motto is JUST DO IT! Or at least shut up until I do. 

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Why trying to blog on the cheap could leave you broke

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